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"Where words fail, music speaks"

Hans Christian Andersen

Party in the Park Festival

Drum Circle Facilitator / Music Educator

Sandro Granda

16~Music in Hospitals & Care Tate 20 May

Tate Modern,London

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World Drum



Drum workshops for schools, team


building and Special events.

Our drumming workshops and sessions can instantly increase well-being.  The use of the drum in a therapeutic environment has been found to add value to virtually all therapeutic process. The drum removes barriers, encourages participation, community and sharing. It gives a voice to those that cannot speak and expression to those that have previously been unable to express. The rhythms they choose to share can be a metaphor for their life journey and the drum a tool to express that journey.

We are all rhythmical people, we breath in rhythm, we walk and talk in rhythm, even our brain synopsis fire in rhythm. The use of the drum to connect to self and others is as long as the history of mankind itself.


                                      University events,Peru                               Tate Modern,London                        Forest School sessions,Surrey                                                                         


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