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- Currently working in "Drumming the World" Project, funded by the Arts Council England/National Lottery Fund, Surrey Arts, Arts Partnership Surrey, Mole Valley District Council and APOW.


Dates TBC Late 2019-Early 2020

To bring music and rhythm to impoverished areas in the Amazon jungle of Peru.

Working with schools in indigenous communities that don't have instruments/music teachers and

train teachers to facilitate Drum Circles in their communities.

-We are always open to new and inspiring projects so please do get in touch if you would like to work with us.

We are currently working on projects with: The Surrey Arts Council,

                                                                          Music in Hospitals and Care

                                                                          Up Orchestra ( Orchestra of Unlimited Potential )

                                                                          I Speak Music ( celebrating diversity through music with Refugees)

                                                                          Surrey Music HUB.

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